What’s the Best Way to Style a Plaid Blazer for a Professional Yet Trendy Office Outfit?

April 16, 2024

When it comes to dressing for the office, you want to strike the perfect balance between professional attire and personal style. A plaid blazer might just be the wardrobe staple to help you achieve this harmony. A plaid blazer is versatile, stylish, and perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. With the right pairings, you can turn this classic piece into a trendy statement that works both in the office and for after-work social events. Let’s delve into the many ways you can style your plaid blazer.

A Plaid Blazer with Black or White Pants

A neat, well-fitted pair of black or white pants is a timeless staple in any professional wardrobe and pairs exceptionally well with a plaid blazer. Black pants exude a sense of authority and sophistication, while white pants offer a crisp, refreshing look.

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Start by choosing a high-quality plaid blazer that you love. Then, select a pair of black or white pants. These can be tailored trousers for a more formal look or cigarette pants for a modern, slimming effect. Add a simple, solid-colored top under the blazer. This could be a white button-down shirt, a black blouse, or even a colored tee if your office environment is more relaxed.

Lastly, accessorize with a pair of black heels or flats and a simple, elegant handbag. This look is not only professional but also effortlessly stylish and perfect for a day at work.

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Plaid Blazer with Jeans for a Casual Friday

Contrary to popular belief, jeans can indeed make for a great office outfit, especially on casual Fridays. Paired with a plaid blazer, they can give off an air of relaxed sophistication that’s suitable for the less formal atmosphere of the last day of the workweek.

To achieve this look, opt for a pair of dark, well-fitted jeans. Avoid distressed or ripped styles to maintain a professional appearance. Pair these with a simple top, like a white tee or a soft, pastel-colored blouse, and throw your plaid blazer over this ensemble, and you have a chic, smart-casual office outfit.

To further enhance this look, wear a pair of loafers or low-heeled boots. Finish off with minimal jewelry, such as stud earrings or a dainty necklace, and you’re ready for casual Friday with an extra bit of flair.

Pairing a Plaid Blazer with a Dress

If you’re a fan of dresses, pairing a plaid blazer with a simple dress can be an excellent way to add a professional touch to your office attire. A dress and blazer combination is feminine, flattering, and versatile.

Start with a basic dress in a solid color. This could be a knee-length black sheath dress or a slightly flared white dress. Over this, add your plaid blazer, which instantly elevates the look, making it more suitable for the office. Depending on the dress’s style and color, a brown or gray blazer could work well.

Accessorize with simple, understated jewelry and a pair of classic pumps or stylish flats. This combination is perfect for those days when you need to look extra polished and professional, like during an important meeting or presentation.

Fall Styling: Plaid Blazer with Turtleneck and Pants

Fall is the perfect season to wear your plaid blazer. The colors and patterns commonly associated with plaid typically mirror the earthy hues of fall, making it an ideal choice for this time of year.

One way to style your plaid blazer for a fall office outfit is to pair it with a turtleneck and pants. The turtleneck could be in a color found in the blazer’s pattern or a neutral like black or white. Pair this with classic trousers or cigarette pants, and you’ve got an outfit that’s not only stylish but will also keep you warm on those crisp fall mornings.

A pair of ankle boots and a leather tote bag would work well to complete this look. With this outfit, you’re not only ready for work, but you’re also embracing the fall season in style.

Experimenting with Color: Plaid Blazers and Colored Bottoms

While neutral colors are safe and versatile, incorporating color into your office attire can make your outfits more interesting and appealing. A plaid blazer can serve as a great starting point for playing with color.

Consider pairing your plaid blazer with colored bottoms. Choose a color from the blazer’s pattern and find a skirt or pants in that hue. For example, if your blazer has hints of red, try a pair of red trousers or a burgundy pencil skirt. Add a simple white blouse to balance out the colors and maintain a professional look.

When incorporating color, remember to keep it tasteful and office-appropriate. Avoid extremely bright or neon colors, and stick to more subdued, richer shades. Accessories can also be in neutral colors to allow the colored pieces to stand out.

Styling a plaid blazer for a professional yet trendy office outfit involves a mix of classic pieces, a little bit of color, and a touch of personal style. The options are endless, and with a bit of creativity and attention to detail, you’re sure to turn heads in the office and express your style effortlessly.

Year Round Styling: Plaid Blazer with Shorts or Skirts

If you think a plaid blazer is only suitable for fall and winter, think again! A plaid blazer can be an excellent addition to your wardrobe year round. When the weather starts to warm up, pair your blazer with shorts or skirts for a professional yet trendy office outfit.

For a more casual, summer vibe, try wearing your plaid blazer with a pair of high-waisted shorts. Choose shorts in a neutral color like black, white, or beige to keep the look professional. Underneath the blazer, wear a simple, solid-colored tee or blouse. Opt for a color that complements your blazer without overpowering it.

Alternatively, you could pair your plaid blazer with a skirt. Pencil skirts are a classic choice, but don’t hesitate to experiment with other styles like A-line or pleated skirts. To keep the focus on your blazer, it’s best to choose a skirt in a solid color that matches or complements the blazer’s pattern.

For shoes, ankle boots work well with both shorts and skirts. Additionally, a pair of classic pumps or fashionable sandals can add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Remember, the key to successfully styling a blazer outfit is balance. You want to keep the overall look professional while integrating trendy elements.

The Double Breasted Plaid Houndstooth Blazer

For those who want to level up their blazer game, a double breasted plaid houndstooth blazer could be the perfect choice. The double-breasted style is sophisticated and classic, while the houndstooth pattern adds a touch of uniqueness and style to the outfit.

The double breasted blazer is reminiscent of the boyfriend blazer style, which is known for its relaxed fit and oversized appearance. However, it still maintains a business casual vibe that is perfect for the office. The key to wearing this piece is to pair it with more fitted items to balance out its loose silhouette.

For example, a double breasted plaid houndstooth blazer would look great with a pair of tailored trousers or a fitted dress. The blazer adds a layer of sophistication and interest to your outfit, making it a standout piece in your capsule wardrobe.

When styling this blazer, remember to keep the rest of your outfit details simple to let the blazer be the star of the show. Pair it with neutral-colored pieces and opt for minimal, classic accessories to complete the look. This is one blazer outfit that you can wear to work and feel smartly dressed all day.


A plaid blazer is a versatile piece that you can style in numerous ways to achieve a professional yet trendy office outfit. Whether you prefer a classic look with black or white pants, a casual Friday style with jeans, or a more feminine ensemble with a dress, there’s a plaid blazer outfit for you. The options are endless, from pairing it with shorts or skirts for year-round styling to the sophisticated double breasted plaid houndstooth blazer.

Remember that the key to perfecting any blazer outfit is to balance it with the right pieces and accessories. With a bit of creativity and attention to detail, you can confidently wear your plaid blazer to the office and beyond. So go ahead, experiment with different looks, and make that plaid blazer a key piece in your capsule wardrobe. After all, a well-styled blazer adds a touch of class and sophistication to any outfit, taking your dressed day from good to great.