How Can You Pair a Suede Moto Jacket with Office Attire to Create a Chic Look?

April 16, 2024

Breaking the codes of conventional office attire to create a chic, contemporary look can be a daunting task. When done right, however, it can result in an outfit that is both professional and trendy. A key piece to consider incorporating into your work wardrobe is the suede moto jacket. With its soft texture and edgy aesthetic, the moto jacket can add a fashionable flair to any office outfit. In this guide, we will discuss how to pair this versatile piece with your everyday office wear, creating a look that is both professional and stylish.

Incorporating a Suede Moto Jacket into Your Office Wardrobe

A suede moto jacket is an ideal piece to add to your office attire. Its classic detailing and smooth finish make it a versatile item that can transform any outfit. Here are a few tips on how to incorporate this statement piece into your work wardrobe.

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The Black Suede Moto Jacket

A black suede moto jacket is a wardrobe staple. It is the perfect piece to wear over a plain white blouse and a pair of tailored trousers. The black jacket adds an edgy vibe while maintaining the professional tone of the office. A pair of leather boots, preferably black, would complete this ensemble, providing an elegant and sophisticated touch to your outfit.

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Pairing with Jeans

For those more casual office environments where jeans are permissible, a suede moto jacket can add a touch of sophistication. Opt for dark-colored jeans, as they appear more formal and pair well with a suede moto jacket. A monochrome look can be achieved by teaming black jeans with a black suede moto jacket. Try to opt for a simple, neutral-colored blouse to balance the ensemble.

Dressing Up the Suede Moto Jacket

Dressing up a suede moto jacket for the office involves a little creativity. Pairing it with a dress, skirt, or tailored pants can create an outfit that is office-appropriate and fashionable.

The Jacket and Dress Combo

One of the easiest ways to dress up a suede moto jacket is to pair it with a dress. A knee-length dress in a neutral color such as black, beige, or grey can work well. The dress should be fitted but not overly tight, as the jacket should be the statement piece in your outfit.

Suede Moto Jacket with Skirts

A suede moto jacket can look incredibly chic when paired with a midi or pencil skirt. Opt for a skirt in a neutral color to allow the jacket to stand out. A black leather midi skirt would add a dash of edginess to your outfit, while a beige pencil skirt would give a softer, more feminine look.

Shopping for the Perfect Suede Moto Jacket

When shopping for the perfect suede moto jacket, there are a few key factors to consider.


A well-fitted jacket will flatter your figure and make your outfit look more polished. Make sure the sleeves reach your wrists and the jacket ends at your hip line.


While you may be drawn to faux suede due to its affordable price point, real suede is definitely worth the investment. Real suede has a richer look and feel, and it ages wonderfully.


While black is a versatile choice that will pair easily with everything in your wardrobe, don’t be afraid to consider other colors. A deep burgundy or navy suede moto jacket can add a pop of color to your office attire.

The Bomber Jacket Alternative

While the suede moto jacket is a fantastic piece to introduce into your work wardrobe, the bomber jacket presents a viable alternative.

Suede Bomber Jackets

Much like the moto jacket, a suede bomber jacket adds a cool, edgy vibe to an office outfit. Its slightly more relaxed fit can provide a more comfortable option for those long office hours. Pair a suede bomber jacket with a fitted dress or tailored pants for a smart, chic look.

In conclusion, a suede moto jacket is a versatile piece that can add a fashionable edge to your office attire. Whether paired with a dress, skirt, jeans, or trousers, this jacket can create a look that is both professional and stylish. When shopping for the perfect jacket, consider factors such as fit, material, and color to ensure you choose a piece that will flatter your figure and suit your style. Remember, the bomber jacket provides a great alternative if you’re seeking a more relaxed fit. With these tips in mind, you can confidently incorporate a suede moto jacket into your office wardrobe, creating chic, contemporary outfits that are sure to impress.

Choosing the Right Accessories to Pair with a Suede Moto Jacket

Just as important as the suede moto jacket itself is what you choose to accessorize with. Accessories can help to tie your entire outfit together, adding an extra level of sophistication to your office attire. Here are some suggestions on how to accessorize your suede moto jacket for an office-chic look.


When it comes to accessorizing your suede moto jacket with jewelry, simplicity is key. Opt for minimalistic pieces such as a dainty gold necklace or small hoop earrings for a subtle touch of elegance. Avoid overly flashy or chunky pieces, as these may clash with the edgy aesthetic of the jacket.


Pairing the right shoes with your suede moto jacket can make a significant difference in your overall look. Leather ankle boots or heels are a good choice, adding a touch of professionalism without appearing too formal. For a more casual look, you could consider clean white sneakers or loafers.


A chic, high-quality handbag can complement your suede jacket and enhance your professional appearance. A black leather tote or structured satchel are excellent choices that offer practicality without sacrificing style.

The Versatility of the Suede Moto Jacket

The suede moto jacket is not just suited for the office environment. This versatile piece can easily transition from day to night, work to weekend with just a few simple changes.

Casual Weekend Look

For a casual weekend look, try pairing your suede moto jacket with a simple white tee, jeans, and sneakers. This relaxed ensemble is perfect for running errands or catching up with friends over coffee.

Night Out

If you’re heading out for a night on the town, swap your office blouse for a sequined top or lace camisole and add some statement earrings. Paired with black leather jeans or a mini skirt, your suede moto jacket can create a bold, chic look perfect for any evening event.

Travel Attire

The suede moto jacket is also an excellent piece for travel. Its stylish yet comfortable design makes it perfect for long flights or road trips. Pair it with a comfy sweater, leggings, and sneakers for a travel-ready outfit.


Incorporating a suede moto jacket into your office attire can provide a stylish update to your professional wardrobe. Whether you opt to pair it with a tailored dress, skirt, or jeans, this versatile piece can create a chic, contemporary look suitable for any office environment. Remember to consider factors such as fit, material, and color when shopping for your perfect jacket, and don’t forget to accessorize appropriately. With careful consideration and a touch of creativity, a suede moto jacket can become a staple in your work wardrobe, offering endless possibilities for fashionable, professional outfits. So go ahead, break the traditional office attire mold and embrace the stylish versatility of the suede moto jacket.