What’s the Best Way to Wear a Peplum Hem Top with Tailored Trousers for Work?

April 16, 2024

Classy, elegant, and extremely versatile, the peplum hem top is a wardrobe staple that can transform your silhouette and boost your style quotient effortlessly. This fashion piece can create magic when paired with tailored trousers, bringing a play of structure and softness, making you look effortlessly chic. We will guide you on how to harness the power of the peplum to create an unforgettable work outfit.

Choosing the Right Peplum Hem Top

The world of peplum hem tops is vast and varied. You can find them in every imaginable color, fabric, and style. Whether you lean towards minimalist fashion or adore statement-making pieces, there’s a peplum top to suit your taste. Picking the right top can make a world of difference to your outfit.

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When you’re selecting a peplum top, consider the body shape it’ll add to your silhouette. A well-fitted peplum top can cinch your waist and create an illusion of curves, making it a fantastic choice for those with a straight or apple-shaped body. Choose a top with a high waistline for a more pronounced peplum effect.

Black peplum tops are a classic choice. They’re easy to style and can lend a sense of sophistication to your look. If you prefer a bit more color, consider pastels or jewel tones that flatter your skin tone.

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Pairing with Tailored Trousers

Pairing your peplum top with tailored trousers can create a professional yet fashionable work outfit. The structured silhouette of tailored trousers can beautifully contrast with the flared shape of the peplum top, creating a balanced look that’s perfect for the office.

High-waist trousers work exceptionally well with peplum tops. They accentuate your waist and add length to your legs, creating a tall and lean silhouette. Choose trousers in neutral shades like black, grey, or navy to keep your outfit office-appropriate.

When selecting trousers, consider the fabric. A pair of well-tailored wool trousers can add a textured element to your outfit and pair well with a silky peplum top. On the other hand, a pair of sleek, black trousers can create a streamlined look when paired with a structured peplum top.

Creating a Cohesive Outfit

Creating a cohesive outfit involves more than just pairing a top with pants. You need to consider how the pieces interact with each other and how they contribute to the overall look you’re trying to achieve.

A peplum top with a high waistline paired with tailored trousers can make your waist look smaller and your legs longer. To enhance this effect, add a narrow belt to your outfit. This will further cinch your waist and create a striking contrast between your top and trousers.

In terms of shoes, heels are a fantastic choice. They’ll add height, making your legs look even longer. A classic pair of black pumps or a chic pair of pointed-toe flats will work beautifully with this outfit.

Accessorizing Your Outfit

Accessories can make or break an outfit. They are the finishing touches that pull your look together. When accessorizing your peplum top and tailored trousers, remember that less is more.

A statement necklace or pair of earrings can add a touch of glamour to your outfit without being overpowering. Avoid big, chunky pieces that might compete with the peplum hem of your top.

Handbags are another important accessory to consider. A structured bag can complement the tailored look of your trousers and add an element of sophistication to your outfit. Choose a bag in a complementary color to your trousers for a cohesive look.

Adapting Your Outfit to Different Work Settings

While a peplum top paired with tailored trousers is a versatile work outfit, you might need to adapt it depending on your office environment. A more conservative workplace might require a blazer to be worn over your top. A sleek, black blazer can add a professional touch to your outfit, without overshadowing the peplum.

On the other hand, in a more casual work setting, you could swap the tailored trousers for a pair of dark wash jeans. This will give your outfit a relaxed feel while still maintaining a polished look, thanks to the peplum top.

Remember, the key to a successful work outfit is balance. By pairing a flared peplum top with sleek, tailored trousers, you can create a harmonious look that’s stylish, professional, and perfect for the office.

Styling Tips for Diverse Body Shapes

Dressing according to your body shape is crucial for enhancing your overall look. Peplum tops, with their unique silhouette and distinct waistline, are often utilised to hide a multitude of sins and to create a flattering illusion of an hourglass figure.

For a body type that is straight or apple-shaped, peplum tops can be a game-changer. They help create the illusion of a slimmer waist by cinching in the middle and flaring out towards the hem – a characteristic that softens the outline and imparts a more feminine feel. The trick is to go for tops with a more pronounced peplum effect, which means a higher waistline and a more flared hem.

For pear-shaped bodies, a peplum top can balance out a wider lower body. Go for designs with a bit more volume at the top and a slight flare at the hem to create the illusion of broader shoulders, making the waist appear smaller in comparison.

For bodies with an hourglass figure, peplum tops can enhance the curves even more. Choose a top with a narrower waist and a subtle flare at the hips to emphasize the natural waistline and maintain the overall balance.

Peplum and Pencil Skirts: A Winning Combination

While pairing peplum tops with tailored trousers works wonders, for those who prefer skirts, peplum tops with pencil skirts make a striking work outfit. A pencil skirt is a straight, narrow skirt that hugs the body and shows off the curves gracefully, making it a perfect match for the flared silhouette of a peplum top.

A plain, solid-color peplum top paired with a high-waisted pencil skirt can make for an elegant and powerful work outfit. Consider adding a belt to enhance your waist and pair with heels to elongate the legs.

When it comes to prints, a solid color peplum top can be paired with a patterned pencil skirt for a statement look. Keep in mind that the peplum top should be the star of the show, so keep your skirt pattern subdued and your accessories minimal.

Conclusion: Master the Art of Styling Peplum Tops

Mastering the art of wearing a peplum top is all about understanding the balance. By pairing a flared peplum top with sleek, tailored trousers or a fitted pencil skirt, you can create a harmonious look that’s stylish, professional, and ideal for the office.

Remember, the best way to wear a peplum top is to use it to your advantage, letting it create the illusion of a smaller waist, adding curves where needed, and enhancing your body shape. Whether you prefer a minimalist style or love to make a statement, there’s a peplum top out there to sync perfectly with your fashion preference.

From choosing the right peplum top to pairing it with the appropriate bottom wear and accessorizing it to perfection, every step is integral to creating that professional yet fashionable work outfit. And the best part is, peplum tops are incredibly versatile, making them a worthy addition to your wardrobe year-round.

So, embrace the power of the peplum. It’s time to let it work its magic to transform your office looks!