What’s the Authentic Way to Incorporate Traditional Scottish Tartan into Your Professional Wardrobe?

April 16, 2024

If you are intrigued by the idea of incorporating traditional Scottish tartan into your professional wardrobe, it’s essential to understand the history and significance of this vibrant pattern. Originating from Scotland, tartan has transcended its humble beginnings and made its mark in fashion, sophisticatedly merging tradition with style.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the remarkable world of tartan, its ties to Scottish clans, and how you can authentically and stylishly add it to your professional dress code.

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A Deeper Understanding of Tartan and Kilts

Before delving into how to add tartan to your wardrobe, let’s take a moment to understand what tartan is and the significance of kilts in Scotland.

Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours. These unique patterns are known as ‘setts’, and each Scottish clan or family has a distinct sett. As a deeply rooted Scottish tradition, tartan patterns are worn with pride and respect for heritage.

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Woven into this rich tapestry of Scottish culture is the iconic kilt. Traditional kilts are knee-length, unbifurcated skirts traditionally worn by men in the Scottish Highlands since the 16th century. The kilt is typically worn with a sporran, a type of pouch that serves as a wallet, and a formal jacket on top.

The idea of introducing tartan and kilts into your professional wardrobe is not about creating a full-blown Highland dress ensemble but rather embracing the style and tradition of tartan in a modern, professional context.

Introducing Tartan into Your Professional Wardrobe

There are many ways to introduce tartan into your work outfit without feeling like you’re wearing a costume. The trick is to balance the boldness of tartan with the subtlety of professional wear.

A simple way to start is by incorporating tartan accessories into your outfit. A tartan scarf, for example, can add a touch of Scottish flair to a black jacket or coat. Similarly, a tartan bag or purse can make a strong style statement.

For those a little more adventurous, a tartan skirt is a fantastic choice. When paired with a simple black or white blouse, a tartan skirt can create a striking yet professional outfit.

If you want to make a bolder statement, consider a tartan blazer or jacket. This could be worn with a simple black pencil skirt or trousers to maintain a professional appearance.

Remember, the goal is not to mimic a Highland dress but to incorporate elements of it into your professional wardrobe.

Understanding and Respecting Tartan Traditions

Incorporating tartan into your professional wardrobe isn’t only about fashion, it’s about understanding and respecting the rich Scottish traditions associated with it. Traditionally, tartans were unique to each clan, and wearing a clan’s tartan was a matter of pride and identity.

When choosing a tartan, it’s important to consider the clan associated with the pattern. If you have Scottish ancestry, you might want to choose the tartan associated with your ancestral clan. If not, opt for one of the universal tartans, like the Black Watch or Royal Stewart, which can be worn by anyone regardless of their clan affiliation.

Modern Take on Traditional Kilts

While traditional kilts may not fit into a typical business dress code, modern adaptations of the kilt can be a unique and fashion-forward addition to your professional wardrobe.

Contemporary kilts come in different styles and lengths, and women’s kilts often resemble a wrap skirt. They can be worn at the office with a crisp white blouse and a pair of classic black pumps.

For a more formal look, you can pair the kilt with a tailored blazer. And don’t forget the accessories – a simple sporran can be replaced with a stylish tartan clutch.

Incorporating Tartan in Formal Occasions

Tartan is not limited to the office and can be incorporated into formal occasions as well. A tartan gown or dress can make a stunning impression at a gala or formal event.

A full-length tartan dress can be a majestic and regal choice, combining tradition with fashion. Alternatively, a tartan sash worn over a black evening gown can add a touch of Scottish flair without overpowering the outfit.

Tartan accessories, too, can shine in formal settings. A tartan clutch or heels can add an element of surprise and interest to a classic black dress. And tartan jewellery – a brooch or earrings – can be a subtle nod to Scottish tradition.

Incorporating traditional Scottish tartan into your professional wardrobe is a unique way to celebrate Scotland’s history and culture while making a fashion statement. Remember, the key is to balance the boldness of tartan with the subtlety of professional wear, and always pay homage to the traditions that tartan represents. Happy styling!

Customizing Your Tartan Kilt Outfit

To truly represent the Scottish tradition, your kilt outfit can be customized to reflect your personality and style while staying faithful to the highland dress. As kilts come in various tartans, you can select one that resonates with you, whether it’s your ancestral clan tartan, the iconic Black Watch, or any other pattern that you find appealing.

For men, the kilt can be paired with a Prince Charlie jacket, a traditional highland dress coat, for a more formal look. Remember to complete the look with a bow tie. Women, on the other hand, can opt for a modern take on the traditional kilt, wearing it like a wrap skirt.

In addition to the kilt, there are numerous kilt accessories to consider. A sporran, for example, is a traditional Scottish pouch worn at the front of the kilt. However, in a modern professional setting, a sporran might not be the most practical choice. Instead, you could opt for a tartan clutch or purse, which complements the tartan kilt without compromising practicality.

Also, tartan footwear can be an interesting addition to your kilt outfit. There are tartan shoes and boots available in various patterns that can subtly show off your Scottish pride. However, if you want to keep your outfit more subdued, you can wear classic black shoes or pumps, which always pair well with tartan.

Tartan Fashion Trends in the United States

Across the United States, tartan has become a popular theme in fashion trends. Celebrities, fashion influencers, and everyday individuals are seen wearing tartan, whether it’s a tartan scarf, jacket, or even tartan kilts.

The beauty of tartan is that it’s versatile, timeless, and unique. Each tartan pattern tells a story, representing a specific Scottish clan. This not only adds a cultural significance to your outfit, but it also provides a talking point.

Various events across the United States, such as the annual Scottish festivals, Saint Andrew’s Day celebrations, and Tartan Day parades, give people the perfect opportunity to showcase their tartan in style. These events help to promote and preserve Scottish heritage, culture, and fashion.

Conclusion: Embracing Your Tartan

As we’ve seen, incorporating traditional Scottish tartan into your professional wardrobe is a creative way to blend style and tradition. From a simple tartan scarf to a stylish kilt outfit, there are plentiful ways to wear tartan.

Remember, it’s not only about wearing tartan but also about understanding and respecting its history and significance. It’s about celebrating Scottish culture and heritage in a way that suits you.

Whether you have Scottish ancestry, appreciate the aesthetics of tartan, or simply want to try something new in your wardrobe, tartan is a versatile choice. With new fashion trends embracing tartan and companies offering custom tartan, there are more opportunities than ever to make tartan a part of your style.

So go ahead, wear your tartan with pride, and allow your professional attire to reflect a piece of Scotland’s rich cultural tapestry. After all, true style lies in creating an authentic connection with what you wear. Embrace the tradition, embody the culture, and stand out in your tartan.